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How it Works

A Biography By Me plan provides prompt structures and fill-in-the-blank templates designed to make remembering your stories and writing your biography a breeze!

Our detailed prompts walk you through writing your biography chapter by chapter, ensuring you capture all the defining (yet often forgotten) stories and family treasures along the way!

Once completed you'll have access to our discounted publishing service, where you can have your memoire bound into beautiful hardcover, softcover, or e-books, making A keepsake to be treasured for generations to come!

Help Your Family Share Their Story

Great For Gifts

Preserve Your Familiy Stories

Help Your Loved Ones Capture Their Defining Stories

Family stories deserve to be preserved. By gifting a Biography By Me subscription, you'll help your loved ones document their defining moments and capture the key stories that make them....well, them! Plus, you'll probably learn some new things you've never heard them mention before too!

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How We Started?


How Biography By Me Was Born

During the pandemic, we became increasingly aware of the stories that could no longer be told.


We encouraged our family to write their memoire, capturing the moments and traditions that made life truly unique. The response we received was universal… “Where on Earth do I start?”


To help them out, we created thought provoking prompts and fill-in-the-blank templates that made it simple to capture the wonderful, yet often forgotten moments that make life worth living.

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